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This section is currently being broken down to a Q&A format to help answer the most commonly asked questions. Properties listed on our website are currently available. Submit application through mail or in person visit during our business hours. For more information call us at (909)796-2897.

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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

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How do I rent a property?

Where is the UPM office located?

What are your hours?

How often does the website get updated?

Does UPM charge a fee to find me a place to rent?

Why rent from a property management company?

How many people per household are permitted to live in one rental property?

How much is monthly rent with more occupants?

What if the property I like isn�t ready to show?

Is a property ready to view?

How do I view a property?

Do your properties allow pets?

What is the increase in security deposit for a pet?

What if I am thinking of getting a pet later after I move in?

What if I get a pet without notifying UPM?

Can I put a hold on a property?

How do holds work?

How does application process work?

How much income does my household have to make to rent a property?

What if I don't have income but someone else will be paying my rent?

What is a co-signer?

What if I�m paid cash?

What if I don�t report my income to the IRS?

What if I am self employed?

What if my credit is bad?

After my application is approved, then what?

How do I sign the rental agreement and move in?

How do Security Deposits work?

What is pro-rated rent?

When will my rent be due then?

What is Fair Housing?

member of NARPM we adhere to fair housing law License BRE# 01058724